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Our mission is to develop tuning software for European cars that brings satisfaction to our customers. We want our clients to benefit from the greatest tuning software innovations available, take full advantage of their engine’s power, and enjoy a unique and unforgettable driving experience.
The Unitronic team is on a mission to exceed expectations. We respond quickly to market demands and constantly push the limits of new and sophisticated technology. Our global presence gives us a prominently competitive edge, and makes us a leader in the engine performance software industry.
Working with cutting edge technology is an everyday affair for Unitronic. Our greatest challenge is to conceptualize and engineer today what the industry will be expecting tomorrow.
Company OverviewAt the outset, our company provided services to garages and local dealers. Our solutions allowed them to overcome many electronic problems, but we felt that we could do more. So, in 2003, Unitronic officially entered the automobile industry with a clear objective: to be the ultimate authority in high performance tuning software development, and to be known worldwide. Unitronic has also recently introduced a line of performance hardware such as downpipe, cat-back, air intake for almost every Volkswagen and Audi on the market.

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