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PPF Protection

Precision Protection, Racing Durability. Powered by Xpel.

What is PPF ?

PPF  or Paint Protection Film, serves as a robust barrier, protecting your vehicle against everyday wear and tear, including minor scratches, rock chips, and damage from road debris.

Base Package

This package offers essential protection against common road hazards like rocks and debris, targeting sthe msost vulnerable areas at the front of your vehicle, making it a cost-effective option for daily city driving.

A fundamental shield for your car's front line, covering the full front bumper and half hood.

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Pro Package

Including the full front bumper, hood, and front rockers, this package is designed for drivers seeking more extensive protection, safeguarding key areas that are frequently exposed to road elements and minor impacts.

Enhanced frontline defense with comprehensive coverage of your vehicle's front.

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Track Package

This package covers the full front bumper, hood, front rockers, side-skirts, and rear bottom bumper, offering thorough protection for high-performance cars against track debris and intensive driving conditions.

Robust, all-around protection tailored for performance and track vehicles.

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Ultimate Package

This all-encompassing package provides full-body coverage, offering the highest level of protection against all forms of environmental and on-road hazards, ideal for maintaining your vehicle showroom condition.

The ultimate armor for your entire vehicle, ensuring top-to-bottom preservation.

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