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We offer multiples services ranging from sales and installation of performance parts, ECU tuning (programming/flashing), maintenance and repairs of all kinds. Our staff will advise you on modifications you would like to make to your vehicle whether it is for the street or the race track.

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ECU Tuning

We work with the best tuners in the industry like Unitronic, APR, Eurocharged, Active, Renntech, Burger Tuning, Malone


We can inspect your car before you buy it or simply for an annual checkup. We'll generate you a detailed report on your car health.

Maintenance / Repair

Our trained mechanics are able to professionally do all sort of maintenance and repairs on your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

It's a crucial parts to keep your tire for the long run. We can align you wheels based on your specs or we can do it for you.

Parts Installation

We install all type of parts like exhaust, coilovers, suspension, brakes, sway bars, etc.. Call us to get a quote.

Race Preps

Get your car ready for the track by installing racing seats, roll cage, get your wheel aligned based on your settings, and more.

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